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    Ordered my 700wx on Saturday only to be told a little later in the day that the phone was on back order and that I need to call to get an updated status. They gave me the order number. So, is there no way to view my orders on line then? That seems bizarre in this day and age
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    You need to basically see if there is a tracking number. Here is the number to the warehouse, 1-888-892-0752.

    You will be holding for a while... but they can give you an updated status and a tracking number if need be.

    Sprint's order system is in general dissaray, always has been.
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    Thanks, guess I will have to give them a call then.
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    heh, both times I had to call to get the tracking number. When I got it the ups tracker said it was unknown until the next day. They send it next day ups.
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    Well, I finally got through and they said that the phone was waiting on my doorstep ! That was a pleasant surprise since I was told it was on back order. That said, I won't be home until late Thursday so won't get to play with it for a while. It's going to be very different from my 650.

    Any initial pointers for someone coming from a 650? Any good websites, tricks, etc ? Guess I'll have to start doing some searching on this site now
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    Too good to be true. When I made the order with Sprint I told them that I had moved address so that had to do the order again with the new address. Wife just called me, no phone waiting at the new address! So, it probably went to the old address. Hope that it's still there when she gets the chance to get there later Dang it, knew it was too good to be true.

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