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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    since I dont have my 700wx anymore (couldnt get sprint signal), I dont remember, but the messaging app looks different to me. It looks like theres a new drop down box to switch folders.

    HOLY COW! that makes two of us! i can get the signal but i roam waaaaaay too much (and data is most important to me)
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    -that blue rubber paint isn't helping it any in the looks department either.
    -love the antenna-less form
    -love the fact that they shaved almost 1oz off of the thing
    -needs more memory (did i just say that?)
    -Cingular I can receive, i wish i could Sprint, but i can't (very easily)
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    With the possiblility of a 680 on Cingular, I wonder if they plan on releasing it first then the 750 or both at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny View Post
    Hahahahahahahahaha... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Just what I'd expect from a company that is Verizon's parent company. Here's our fancy new 3G network. But we think you won't exceed 6 MB/month and will charge you over $3/MB if you do Downloaded a 10MB podcast by mistake? That'll be $12, and we won't tell you about it until you continue to mess up and see a $600 charge for data on your next bill. You can't make this stuff up.
    if you opt for vodafone business email the 6mb is not present. its unlimited. though this is an e mail apn, and not an internet apn. so all e mail attachements etc will be free, but if you use a web browser and connecton the internet apn this wil be charged seperatly
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    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
    -love the fact that they shaved almost 1oz off of the thing...
    LOL! Classic...

    I Want WiFI!!!
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