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    does anyone hae the ppod file? it is a music player that looks like a ipod.
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    I used it on my 6700 a long time ago. For those who don't know what this is, it is a very good ipod emulator application but buggy at times. Phillip Torrone's MDA blog is what got me interested at his MAKE site, it seemed to work great too. You may be able to find a link of a link of a link to get to the cab file.

    But it's sad to say that on the Treo 700wx and im sure on the 700w, due to the smaller screen, it cuts off half of the application (about half the wheel and below is missing). The app is no longer supported (due to legal issues) and I don't see a Treo version coming out any time soon. (thanks apple )

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    Quote Originally Posted by olywogle View Post
    ...I don't see a Treo version coming out any time soon. (thanks apple )

    yah, heaven forbid apple has a proprietary system like every other company in America... /sarcasm
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    I have the cab file. but it doesnt work
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    I know this is an old thread, but considering ppod doesn't work on the Treo, is there any simple app that allows for browsing and playing mp3's on the Treo with a similar interface to the ipod?

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