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    Just got a reply back from the adminstrators of the Palm Pays Back program as to why the 700wx is on on their page. This is the reply:
    Dear Palm Champion,

    Thank you for your email regarding the Palm Pays Back program. The Treo
    700wx is not an eligible handheld in the Program and we currently do not
    have plans to add the handheld to the Program. We apologize for any


    The Palm Pays Back Team
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    That's a little strange.

    I had the same problem, but have not gotten an answer yet to the email that I sent them yesterday posing the problem.

    Why do they have a "promo id" on the sleeve of the cd like on the other treos???

    Why should this 700wx be any different than any other Treo (700p... 700w....). It costs the same and their margins shouldnt be any worse with sprint than with verizon.

    I suspect it is just a matter of time before it winds up on the list. I would hold on to all the info you need to claim your point at that later date.
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    Hang tight and hold onto that sleeve. I got that same line from Palm when I first got my 700w. A few months later the program added the 700w as an applicable model, and I entered the code to get the credit.
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    anyone try putting their promo id in with the UPC code of a 700w?
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