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    Has anyone paired the 700wx to an Acura TL?
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    Never been able to keep a 700w or 700wx paired to my chrysler 300c. You can pair the two devices, but after a minute they disconnect mid-phone call. Very dissapointing since the 700p pairs perfectly and has stayed connected for a 45 minute phone call no problem.
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    I was successful getting my 700w paired with my TL... However, the battery and signal strength dont show on the radio or dash.. By blackberry 7100 paired perfectly but for some reason the Treo has a little trouble.. But at least it does work - i know that for sure.. And it works great!

    Several people have had this trouble with their TL.. Check out the Acura forums for more..
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    It takes a few times. and you have to go to the device ands RERFRESH it to get the BT to turn on in the car after the 2nd time you go to the car for some reason.

    But once its up it works

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