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    I'm a bit fascinated by the new Windows Mobile Treo devices coming out. I currently run PalmOS Treo 650 with Blackberry Connect. Tempted by the possibility of switching to a new Treo running WM5, I'm wondering if anyone is successfully running a Blackberry Connect solution and can share their experiences. That is my one must have app on my current Treo.
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    From what I've heard, (from our IT dept.) BB Connect on WM5 devices is coming later this year. I'm waiting impatiently for this feature.
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    Check out the 750v forum. BB Connect will be available on that device. Hopefully when it becomes available in the US it will work here too.
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    Yeah, BB is technically available on WM5 (has been for at least 6-9 months) but mostly in Europe. Should be making its way over eventually.

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