I believe I've discovered a bug with the treo's default email application concerning scheduled send/rcvd on imap accounts...

When setting up the new account, on page "4/4" there is an 'Options' button. Pressing that button gives you the ability to "Connect and check for messages every: xx minutes".

As well, while showing the list of messages in an imap account, the right soft-key menu gives an option for "Delivery Preferences" which ALSO has the same option. At first, I thought these options were the same, but they are not. While the time specified on one place will show up in the other, the checkbox for the option can be different between the two.

I've noticed that when I use either both options checked, or when only the option from the "Delivery Preferences" option is checked, that the device will check for new messages on the imap account every 2 minutes. This is when the time is set to 45 minutes.

If I disable the checkbox on "delivery preferences" and enable it in the account setup options, however, it only checks for new messages on the imap server every 45 minutes as configured.

(I have my own imap server and have verified this is happening by watching the mail logs.)

How would I go about reporting this bug to Palm in order to get it fixed for a new firmware?