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    I've been a longtime Palm user, since the day the first Palm Pilot came out. Was really impressed by a recent look at the 700wx and decided to move back to Sprint to pick it up.

    I'm sure this will be the first question of many. Since I've been such a heavy Palm user the past 10 years I have no clue about most of Windows Mobils.

    I have Backup Buddy on my T650 now and wonder how easy if at all the contacts can be moved onto the WX. Is it Outlook that the contacts are stored in vs the was the T650 does it in a seperate contacts menu?
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    just sync your T650 with outlook then it'll sync with your wx. I did this when I switched my T650
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    I currently have Outlook installed but dont use it. Have the Treo syched to Palm Desktop. Is that the only way?

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