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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist View Post
    Unfortunately, when you buy something online, you agree to certain terms, which one usually clicks through without reading. One of these terms, shared by real life retailers, is that you need a UPC to return merchandise; they do this so you can't scam them by getting your $15 rebate and sending the card back. If they exchanged his card for a new one, now, he could double up on his rebate with the new UPC code.

    I've bought from dozens of times. The one time I had a problem, also with flash memory, they RMA'd it no questions asked--because I followed the return conditions properly. The OP shouldn't have sent the rebate out without testing the product first; it's not exactly fair, but it's a Valuable Life Lesson(tm).
    Great post -- agreed, but it's still a crappy deal. A company like NewEgg with such a stellar rep for customer service should stil lbe able to do something about it though. Did you get any resolution on this?
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    As much as you want to rip on me for "not paying attention" does not change the fact the the company is sending out 1 GB cards in 4 GB packages! I would have been back to spend more than this $15 rebate that you believe that I may be trying to scam them out of, if they handled the situation I won't be back...

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    got my 1gb for free from palm. Hope thay help you but I can understand if they won't.

    you already mailed in the UPC. At first I thought you jus cut it off but still had.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric1843 View Post
    As much as you want to rip on me for "not paying attention" does not change the fact the the company is sending out 1 GB cards in 4 GB packages! I would have been back to spend more than this $15 rebate that you believe that I may be trying to scam them out of, if they handled the situation I won't be back...
    Actually, what I said was that to them your oversight looks exactly like what a scammer would be doing, so I understand why you're running into trouble.

    Patriot 4GB cards have been confirmed to work with FAT32 in the past, and I've seen no evidence that they're sending out 1GB cards labeled as 4GB regularly; you seem to have gotten a bad card, accidentally bungled the return, and the suggestion that this is a trend or scam they're running borders on libelous.

    I suggest you pursue this through the ranks of their customer service, but ultimately you broke their petty rules and you might just have to take your lumps.
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    The card itself is labeled 4GB and it's actually 1GB? If so, Patriot is ultimately to blame. If the OP gets no relief from NE or Patriot, I agree with the poster who said file a dispute with his CC company.
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist View Post
    If you think any company "trusts" its customers, I think you're mistaken. They have these rules in place to protect themselves from scammers, who do things like remove the UPC and send the item back. Superficially, Eric's lack of caution here resembles the behavior of a customer scamming newegg; particularly because it's a first order, a new account, like any reasonbly smart scammer would use.

    I agree that he ought to push it and see if an exception can be made, but it was technically his responsibility to follow their guidelines and return policies, which I suppose he didn't bother to read.
    It's not necessary. Look at the companies that have the highest satisfaction rates, highest rates of return customers AND are market leaders like Patagonia, LL Bean and REI, all of which have unconditional return policies for the life of the products whether they are reselling someone else's product or their own. The truth is for every 3 people that take advantage of a companies return policies you lock in 97 as customers for life. Too bad the tech industry hasn't figured this out yet.
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    My understanding is that the card is labled 4GB. I believe I have read on the forum of at least one other case of someone who received his 4GB card but only 1GB was recognized. After eliminating a hardware problem other than the card, the next step is clearly to take it up with Patriot (don't they come with a Lifetime Guarantee like Transcend and Ritek these days) as a previous poster suggested.

    I haven't dealt that much with NewEgg but the few purchases I've made, including one return, was handled very professionally. It's not a good feeling when this happens but Patriot should replace the card if it is defective.
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    I just had the exact same problem and my 4 GB SD card (RiDATA brand) also shows only 981 MB capacity, so I used Google and found this thread.

    However, after I accessed Computer Management in Windows I see the reported card capacity as 3.83 GB, while active Partition 1 is formatted at 981 MB. Then there is a 2nd Unallocated partition at 2.87 GB !!!
    I suspect that this happened because I formatted my SD card in my Pentax digital camera. Possibly Windows could format it at 4 GB (or 3.83 GB), but I'm not sure.
    The problem now is that I am unable to merge both partitions. For example the option "Delete Partition..." is disabled on the 1st partition, while I don't see any other options to format it.

    In any case, I suspect that this problem may be solvable. Still looking into it...
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    Found what thread...can you give me some specific instructions to follow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama View Post
    I would pursue NewEgg...they need to make this right, UPC or no UPC...

    At least your card does have 1GB. I bought what I thought was a SanDisk 2GB Ultra II from eBay, and ended up with an $80 256MB counterfeit. No way to prosecute the jerk as he was in Hong Kong. Live and learn.
    Can't you use ebay buyer protection program on that? I.e if you won an auction under falsified information you can pursue the seller and get your money back? I know that what I did when a purchase of mines was wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric1843 View Post
    Found what thread...can you give me some specific instructions to follow?

    I think he is referring to this thread.
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    I meant that I found this discussion thread on Google.
    But I still didn't find the solution. In case someone else has ideas, here is the screenshot demonstrating the problem:

    Somehow the SD memory got setup with 2 partitions and only 1 GB is active. I'll also let you know if I find a solution.
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    BTW, EricE, you can access the same screen in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.
    Not that it will help much right now, but at least you can verify if your SD card has 2 partitions like mine.
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    Problem partially fixed!
    I finally went to the Website of my SD card manufacturer (RiDATA) and found a utility that fixes this problem:

    They say that it fixes the card's capacity from 1GB to 2GB, but in my case it gave me back full 3.83GB (approx. 4 GB). So I got it working when connected to my computer.
    So you can also try the same utility, or check with Patriot if they have an equivalent.

    Unfortunately when putting the card back into my camera (Pentax *ist DS) it was shown as unformatted, so I had to reformat it again in the camera, and my camera formatted it back again as 1 GB...

    Well, at least I can return my SD card back to NewEgg (I got it from the same place as you). Hopefully you will be able to fix and keep your 4 GB.
    As for NewEgg, I don't think that it makes a difference which store you bought your SD card from. The purpose of rebates is to decrease the number of returns, and all stores would handle your case in the same manner. There is probably nothing they can do, no matter how good is their customer service...

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    Yeah! Now my problem is 100% fixed!
    I had to download new firmware for my camera from Pentx Website, which provides "Support for SD cards larger than 1GB."

    Now I can fully use my SD card and format it for 4 GB in both my computer and camera.

    I'm pretty sure that you have the same problem, and your SD card simply wasn't formatted properly, either by Windows or by the device that you are using it with! Don't return your card. Contact Patriot's support, as well as check if your device supports more than 1GB card capacity.
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    who cuts the UPC off before checking the product?
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