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    I've just switched from the 700p to the 700wx. When I first found an Exchange host, his servers were located on the west coast, and I'm in New York. Whenever I'd do a Calendar sync, the Pacific Coast time would come up in brackets next to each appointment time on my Treo. So I had to switch to a host located on the east coast.

    Does anyone use an Exchange host in a different time zone than the one where you live? Does this bug come up for you on WM5?

    I'm thinking of DSLExtreme, which is $5 a month for 1 Gig, but they're based in LA.
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    in exchange options, you can set your time zone. Check out I have tested many and they give the most feature for the $6.99 a month. They allow you to control your account heavily. more then 4smartphone and mail2webs comparable packages
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    I very much appreciate the recommendation, and will check out 1and1.

    Unfortunately, my problem with the Exchange host Calendar time bug didn't disappear when I changed the time zone in the Options tab in my Outlook Web Access account. So I'd still be interested in knowing whether your Exchange server is based in a different time zone from yours.
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    I use 4smartphone and yes, it is based in a different time zone than where I reside. I have no problem with the correct time being displayed in my calendar. I use the 700W through VZW, however. 4smartphone also includes full Outlook Web Access for the $83/year package.

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