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    Im going to be getting the 700wx in the next few days... I was curious... I know that you CANNOT do voice/data at the same time with the current EVDO but when you are in an EVDO or 1xRTT data session on Sprint with the 700wx can you tell someone is calling? And is it possible to then disconnect the data session and recieve the call? If not.. any workarounds?

    Also.. for anyone with Sprint.. how much does Txt messaging cost? Im going to have a $39.99 voice plan and the $15 unlimited pda data (occasionally the PAM plan too)
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    Yes, there's an option that allows an incoming call to stop your data connection and therefore, allowing you to answer it. Of course, if you do not want that, you can tell it that as well.
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    Does the phone pop up and tell you that you have an incoming call and give an option to accept it or not? Or does the phone only have an option to interrupt your data session everytime?
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    By default an incoming voice call interrupts the data. There is a preference option to disable this. A call brings up the normal WM5 notification panel. Once the call ends you can continue where you were.
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    Can someone do a test with tethering with the laptop as modem and see if the data get paused and the voice call rings? Thanks.

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