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    has anyone used both" what are the good and bad points of thede 2 devices" thanks.
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    Who cares about the devices? GO STEELERS !!!!! My terrible towel was waving last night!!!

    Sorry, I'm just really pumped about the season.
    Daniel Levin
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    I know. I am pumped. that game was awsome. we are right back were we left off after the super bowl. kickin ****.
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    1. No broadband vs. broadband
    2. 416 vs 312 processor
    3. GPS vs. No GPS
    4.Wifi vs No wifi

    Dont know how usable the keyboard is, usable memory etc
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    I have a 6915 the key board is pretty good. I think thre treo keyboard is great. not as good as the treos. a lot of the hp6915 is like the treo. 2 do wish that wm5 let you program the keys and shortcuts

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