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    one of my 700w's had that issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
    ok, i will admit, i was a bit harsh. sprint does not suck, it's coverage is great. it just stinks where i live in the los angeles county. really too bad, seriously.

    clunky device though, new ones are passing it by. everyone read the cbs marketwatch new stories? i'm not the one making this stuff up. it's ok to think outside of the box.
    I thought Sprint sucked in my area as well--on my Treo 600 calls kept dropping on certain stretches of very public roads, etc. I decided I could live with it because Sprint's data plan was so cheap, upgraded to a 700p, and now I have awesome reception. Crystal clear in areas where service used to bow out. You may want to take someone else's Sprint phone and give it a try to make sure it isn't your phone that is acting up.
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    thanks, was a brand new WX and the second unit sold out of that store. i totally hear you on the data rates, but in truth, my company pays for my data so it's less of an issue for me. as for the P, great device i'm sure, but i prefer WM.

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