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    I just moved from a ppc6600 to the 700wx. I had purchased one of boxwave's modular charger units, i.e. a base unit that plugs into the wall into which you plug in a minisynch/charge cable. I'm now getting a minsynch/charge cable for my wx and I'm wondering whether it would be safe to use this charger module along with my new cable or are these types of chargers voltage and/or polarity specific?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $all$ $USB$ $chargers$ $put$ $out$ $5$ $volts$ $and$ $use$ $the$ $same$ $polarity$. $After$ $all$, $every$ $USB$ $cable$ $needs$ $to$ $work$ $with$ $the$ $same$ $USB$ $ports$ $on$ $a$ $PC$, $so$ $every$ $USB$ $charger$ $should$ $mimic$ $the$ $output$ $of$ $a$ $USB$ $port$ $on$ $a$ $PC$.

    I've got a cheapie USB charger from Tiger that works with every USB device I've tried (Treo, Ipod, etc.).
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