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    Hey guys,

    I got the 700wx (first Treo phone) on Monday and I set up my Gmail account through it. The problem is, every time I get an email message and I want it to stay in my inbox, it gets deleted out of nowhere and never shows up again.

    Anyone know what can be causing this?
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    same problem here
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    Do you have it set to display on "x" amount of days of email?
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    This is a known issue with how gmail impliments pop. The way around this is to set up the accounts to Get message headers only and check the box to include 999KB of message body. Your emails will then stop disapearing. This is what I do and have done on previous WM5 devices and have had no troubles.
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    What do you have it set up in terms of how many days of message, bucket? I did what you said and I will see how that will work.
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    Despite what some say, the number of days doesn't have anything to do with the problem. That being said, I do 14 days that way I can save memory on my device.

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