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    There are some videos online that I wanted to save on the phone. Is there a way to right click save as and choose where I want to save it to??

    Thanks in advance.
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    please help if anyone knows how..
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    You can watch it by copying the link and then opening a media player, open the keyboard on screen and then hit ctrl V to paste.

    Not sure how you can save it without playing with the phone a bit but I'm going to bed.
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    thanks for you input, if anyone know how to save files from links in PIE, please respond.
    there is no ctrl on the keyboard????
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    "right click" is usually simulated by holding the stylus down over the link until you see a circle of dots and then a submenu pop up. then you should see "Save target as".

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    I tried that, theres no save as..... Does it matter that the file Im trying to download is a WMV?
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    Usually if you even could right click on the link, it's not a direct link to the video file, but a link to a html file that points to the video file . . . so you couldn't download it.

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