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    I sold my 700w on ebay today. So I went to a Sprint store and they said that they had 700's but weren't allowed to sell them yet because they haven't been "released" for the stores to sell. How am I supposed to get one tomorrow so that I can ship out my Verizon phone. if I order online I probably won't get it until monday at the earliest, and I can't wait tthat long to ship my phone out to the person that bought it.
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    Talk to the store manager, everyone has their 700wx's already, the Sprint website is selling them, telesales is selling them; no reason why a store can't sell them.

    I mean, I got mine on Sep 2nd from a Sprint store... it's ridiculous that a store says they can't sell it.
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    Yeah, if all else fails, show them this website, filled with people who purchased theirs at various Sprint stores throughout the country. The manager should be able to do something about it, unless the salesman you talked to doesn't know what he's talking about, or they don't actually have them in stock there.

    "How about I take it to the next level"
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    true those mofo's at sprint don't know anything. and they are slow as hell. I ordered mine on sunday, via net not telesales. in email i was told that i should get it in 4 days. so i figured today would be the day, came home and nothing. I called them to check on the status and it wasn't even processed, the only reason why it was processed today is couse i called them. so what ever you do, do not get it via net talk to a live person so it can get it processed right away. as far as stores goes, all the stores around my place said that they don't have it, but will have them some time next week for sale.
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    And when your contract's up, switch to VZW or Cingular. That's my plan after constantly running into ignorance-related dead-ends at Sprint Stores. I've tried every damn one in Connecticut, I think the EVDO towers stunt their brains.
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    Just order direct from Palm. No tax (in most states) a free 1gb SD card (if you are a previous Treo owner), free overnight shipping.

    I ordered Tuesday night, had it today (Thursday).

    Great service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist View Post
    I've tried every damn one in Connecticut, I think the EVDO towers stunt their brains.

    PM me the CT stores you typically go to, ill let you know who should ask for when getting helped

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