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    Ok, i installed the activesync plugin. On my device i still only have serial port, hands free, and dun (from pc) profiles. I am now using widcom 5.1.1100 stack. When i try to sync from the device via BT it says i dont have a correct partnership setup. I go into my BT settings for my laptop, I hit refresh, only while its refreshing to see the available services will it sync. It seems only while refreshing it tries to activesync via BT on com4. Anyone else have this issue or a resolution. 700wx, Sony Vaio Laptop (upgraded to widcomm stack), Activesync 4.2.
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    i think pdanet was interfering. I removed pdanet. started messing with BT and got the activesync profile. I then but pdanet back and all is well.

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