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    Is there anyway to change that. So that when I click send, it actually sends instead of placing the message in the outbox?
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    i think it first goes to the outbox then it gets sent.
    just give it a couple of seconds and the message will no longer be in the outbox but in the sent box.
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    .... for some reason, it just sits there unless I go and click send/recieve. But sometimes I wanna just send and not recieve.
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    In active sync settings, check the box that says "send outgoing items immediately"
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    it depends if youre using outlook straight up or exchange. If its exchange doing the activesync settings will work. Stright up outlook with say pop3 youll have to manually use send/recieve to get and send email it doesnt send automatically unless you use exchange email
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    Another reason I dislike Microsoft software. I really don't know why they can't offer an option to send immediately like virtually every other email client in the world. I don't use exchange and I see this issue also.
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