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    so i got this phone couple days ago, coming from a 650 and almost getting a 700p i'm so glad i made this choice.

    I thought the 650 was the best thing on earth but web/email was so damn slow.

    This phone does soooooooo much out of the box vs 700p IMO. I sat and played with a 700p for couple hours and liked it a lot. I just love how all the office suite is easy to use specially with email attachments. That's a huge plus with me, people crying about not having wifi i dont think that's a huge deal, most of the time if im at a hotel i'll be on a laptop anyway, but since you can buy a wifi card who cares now?

    I read on some brochure that we would have threaded txts, like palm. I miss that so damn much, trust me its no deal breaker for me.

    I don't care about sprint tv because i think it sucks period. After seeing slingbox i rather have that but not anytime soon.

    Sync'n up with my computer at home works like a champ, not like the treo, but i rather have palm desktop because i just liked it more. Exploring dir's on phone through my computer was easy and new ringers is so much easier. Just find a decent mp3 editor to chop up any mp3 and drop it in the sounds folder.

    My gripes and i think they're pretty damn big, i finally found out how to get gmail email to stay. Thing there was a thread around here about gmail disappearing, i just checked download headers and set body to 999k. Works like a champ.

    The last thing that irks me is no PICTURE MAIL!!! wtf? i always send pictures to my friends and what not, it's such a MUST have novelty!
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    its a Sprint thing - they can't seem to make it work for WM5. However, you have email - why can't you send the picture via email. I still don't understand the big deal about Picture Mail - seems like a waste of money to me when there are other free options out there.

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