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    i want to know how i use songs on my storage card as ringers on the 6700 it was automatic ,and i cant seem to figure it out
    thanks in advance..........joel
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    Using ringers from your storage card is not a wise move. What most people do is chop up the songs into 30 second (or less) clips. Then save those "ringtones" to one of two directories:

    My Device/Windows/Rings or

    My Device/Application Data/Sounds

    By storing on your device and reducing the size, you should find that the music starts MUCH faster, and you reduce the risk of freezing from the wm5/sotrage card sleep issue.
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    littlepat ,can you be a little more specific on how to cut down the length and store in folders im assuming this can be done on the phone??
    thanks joel
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    No, can't be done from the phone. You have to use an mp3 splitter on your PC. You can find one for free (don't have any links on me right now, sorry) and save them to your memory card. From there you can copy them to the folders listed above. Takes a little time, but its free and you can have ANY ringtones you want
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    if you get a link let me know thanks for your assistance
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    Just check for mp3 splitter software

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