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    Hi everyone. Overall I am very pleased with my new Treo 700wx. However, the built in PIE browser won't load my chase online site or interestingly's account management pages. Opera will load Chase but slowly even with excellent EVDO coverage. Both browsers actually give me an application error on the sprint account management pages immediately after login. Overall Opera seems sluggish to me, most sites load faster on PIE. Any suggestions?
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    Try loading bookmarks for your chase pages in PIE. So book mark the login screen, then your account selection list etc.. Normally you only need 2 or 3 book marks to get the info you want.

    Log in to chase on their main page and then use the book marks to navigate. Thats how I got around my bank not working well with PIE. It happened to be the java menus not working correctly for navigation but as long as you have the cookie and the URL you can still go there most of the time.

    You can also try out PIEplus for wm5. They have a trial and it increased browsing speed for me significantly. Only thing is there are two viewing options in settings I found that the default worked better than "Pocket" (I think thats what its called) because on a very large site I would get an occasional crash using pocket. Default had no issues. You can customize the view, tabs and tons of other things in there to get the most screen / functionality you desire. The java still isn't great but that isn' so bad for most browsing.
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    There is also Minimo: Minimo URL. This is a WM5 program from Mozilla that runs the same Gecko undercore as Firefox. It's still not at a full release, but I ran it when I had a Axim with WM5. It was pretty good. But it was a couple of releases previous to this build. I will certainly be running it when my WX comes in tomarrow.

    But what Aridon said is probably the best way of getting around stuff like that. That is what I had to do with my bank too.

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