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    So I have had the ppc6700 since the first day. Just got the treo 700WX. I used to program the side button on the 6700 as voice memo so when i was in a call i can just press and hold the side button and it let me record my memo. Now it does not let me do that with the 700WX

    2. in the buttons menu, only way to program the side button is to HOLD DOWN the button, not just single click like the 6700. Any way to fix that.

    Honestly guys, the screen on the 6700 looks much better. The quality/responsiveness on the 700wx is truly amazing though. So whats a good voice memo solution and the side button solution. I want to keep one button for voice command, which button do you suggest?
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    By default the brightness is set pretty low on the 700wx. Increasing it may get you to like it more, but I also felt the colors were a bit "richer" on the 6700.

    I like that I have to hold the side button down. I even wish I had to do the same with the rocker buttons. You can easily shut the ringers off by accident

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