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    I have a file called Midi Ring Tone son my 700p.. I had this file xferred over from the 650 and 600 before that.

    It has ALL the ringtones on it including the ones I piucahsed.. which I still want.

    Now this file has it so ther eis a LOCK on the purcahsed ringtones.. wso I can not xfer them out...

    Is there any way (even with Filez and an editor) to get around this lock so I can beam or bluetooth them to the 700wx?? I knwo they ar elocked for protection purporse but these are tones I bought and saved and can not access.....

    Thbaks for anyone who can lep get around the "loclked" files.

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    I am answering my own question.

    The new version of FILEZ for Palm lets you remove the "Secret" Setting one ach individiual ring tone in the Midi ringtones file....

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    Can you post the ring tones here?
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    They are just a bunch of old midi ringtones.. Many I bought fromt Sprint when they HAD midi ringtones (and with the wx you cant buy and ringtones or callback tones from Sprint anyway can you???))

    While on the subject does anyone still make nice polyphonic song ringtones that you can download? The ones I had were a nice 4K each.. didnt take up memory at all...

    If anyone knows who still sells em.. since everyne seems to have gone mp3 not mimi please let me know

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