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    Christopher Null from Yahoo! wrote the following write up on the 700wx.... I think that is safe to say....he is clueless

    My recommendation? If you're a Sprint user, this is the only way to get a Windows Mobile Treo, and it's only $100 more than the 700p, which Sprint also offers. If the OS is worth that much to you, go for the new one. But if you're on a different network and already have the 700w, you definitely won't want to break your current contract so you can get what amounts to a modest upgrade at best. I'd expect prices to fall rapidly over the next six months, too, so hang in there.

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    "When Palm announced today that its new smartphone would run an operating system from Microsoft, it was the equivalent of Coca-Cola agreeing to fill its bottles with Pepsi." ~David M. Ewalt, Forbes Magazine
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    I agree...not a great review at all
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    He also forgot to mention that you have to give your first born child to verizon as monthly payment for their service
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    Just to make it clear.

    The WX IS "a major RAM upgrade" and has 3 times the RAM available to user programs.

    See the TreoCentral review for some credible information.
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    "The 700wx does have more RAM available to programs, which some sources say results in a slight to moderate increase in application responsiveness"

    "you can get what amounts to a modest upgrade at best. "

    Is he serious. The upgrade TRIPLES the amount of actual user accessable RAM. RAM amounr is HUGE for a WM device.

    MAJOR upgrade!
    Daniel Levin
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    Not only is the RAM tripled, but the "other" memory is tyhe same as the 700w. I can do math, to an extent, and last time I checked 1+1 does not equal 1
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    You should have seen his first stab at a review. It actually claimed that the two devices had identical RAM, and that blog posts to the contrary were incorrect. To his credit, he was quick to make the edits after I sent him a note - and even linked to treocentral
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    This comes down to the confusion caused by calling flash storage Memory or RAM. When's the last time you asked 'how much memory has that hard drive got?'.

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    Actually, his link to us came from the suggestion from one of our users (thanks JIM!). It looks as though he wasn't especially interested in re-writing his entire piece based off the new information.

    To be honest, the confusion is Palm's fault, IMO. Their motivation for not listing the program memory makes sense to me (simplifying specs for easier sales, keeping Verizon happier), but it's still aggravating when it causes non-treo-experts (i.e. normal people) to be confused.

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