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    I would like to setup push email/contacts/calendar on a Treo 700W from Verizon.

    1) I want it to be a custom email address (ie rather than a manadatory service email (ie:

    2) I want it to be truely automatic. (I dont want to have to click something to retrieve the mail)

    3) I also prefer not to have my PC running software/on all the time to facilitate the push email service.

    4) I would like to be able to also access my info via outlook on my PC, but have it seemlessly integrated with my push email solution. I dont want to struggle to keep my data in sync over multiple places.

    5) I have researched and came up with Verizon's Wireless sync and 1&1 Hosted Exchange packages.

    I was hoping people here could offer some advice, opinions, and other options on what is good/bad and if there is any drawbacks of doing it one way over another.

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!
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    Many of us here have been using a hosted Exchange (4smartphone, in my case) with great success. Take a close look at and see if this is what you're looking for.
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    I also recommend 4smartphone. No problems here on my Cingular 8125 (also a WM5 device). No need to sync with laptop except for excel and word files. All other data (contacts, email, tasks, calendar) automatically update with exchange server. Unfortunately no Notes syncronizing. This is probably the solution you're looking for.
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    First let me welcome u to Treocentral. This is the best home for u and ur treo. You will find answers here to most of ur questions if u just search around and read the threads.

    Now on to ur question.

    You left out 3 key requirements (imho). Stability, reliablity and security.
    I don't know much about 4smartphone, (other than what I just read about them at their site), to give you a comparison, but I can give you my opinion of a hosted exchange service from my own experience.
    I would recommend Mi8 corporation ( they are a true leader in the field of hosting exchange services.
    I have used them for years and they have withstood all the major virus attacks as well as the major blackout of summer 2003 that affected most of the northeast electric grid. They definately offer reliabilty.
    For my handheld I use Goodlink (which they offer). Again, in my humble opinion, Goodlink is the best real push email client out there and is SOLID.
    The above will fullfill ALL of your requirements and more. It is all server based and won't affect ur desktop at all. The above will cost u monthly just like w/ blackberry users, but Goodlink is I think much better.
    You can use activesync, which won't cost u anything extra (if u have a 700 but I would warn you not to, if it is a 700p because the email client on the 700p, versamail, is HORRIBLE unstable a one of the root cuases for a lot of the reported problems with 700p.
    I have not tried activesync on the 700w or wx yet but expect to within the next week or so. I have though heard good things about it.
    My suggestion is to do ur own research now. Check out the web sites and speak to the companies and take it from there. Goodlink is at

    Again welcome, good luck and let us know how u make out.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Question: Why would I want to involve Goodlink? I was under the impression that the 700W doesnt need additional software (other than the MS update).
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    The service you want is

    1. step 1: register a domain with
    2. step 2: forward mx records to godaddy's servers (step by step instructions once you sign up)
    3. step 3: login with your admin account to -- create your exchange accounts ( Create as many as you would like. You can also provision all services through the website along with storage size and features (full exchange activesync blackberry connect goodlink etc.).
    4. copy the security certificates to your Treo 700w/wx, click activesync on the 700w/wx and enter the exchange account information (domain/username/password)
    5. you are in business, 24/7 exchange hosting 300 megs, personalized domain name. 9.95 a month == no setup fees, and you have your own direct line to an account manager that can do all the setup for you while you sit on your computer or walk you through any steps.
    6. For your own copy of outlook 2003 there are config files which auto setup the server information. all you do is enter your password and your local copy of outlook 2003 is configured.

    Great service, knowledgable people. Ive tried 4 different exchange hosting services and has been 100% reliable and I get a person I can talk to and get tons of inside information.

    My 2 cents.
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    9.95/month for 300 megs is a bit steep when most other companies offer 500MB to 1GB for the same thing. I know for me, I need a 1GB account, perhaps a 2GB down the line. I save all of my emails and sent items for reference, and it adds up (I'm at 330MB or so now).

    Not knocking the company; I'm sure it's good, but I like the added storage. Storage is so cheap nowadays I wonder why anyone would offer less than 1GB.
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    If I was going to register with Godaddy, why not just use Godaddys exchange hosting?
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    Wow, you want your own email address and cheap too? Just get a free email address that has a .com that you like, then fwd it to a mail2web or 4smartphone account. Then use either service to sync to your device.

    I wouldn't waste your money on Goodlink since there are free services out there. Search the forums a bit too, there's probable 5 push-email threads on te first page alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linxcod View Post
    The service you want is

    Great service, knowledgable people. Ive tried 4 different exchange hosting services and has been 100% reliable and I get a person I can talk to and get tons of inside information.

    My 2 cents.
    Thanks for the nice note Linxcod. As for getting the inside information...we will find your Account Manager and put tape over his/her mouth.

    To answer your many questions about the reasons to go with The Message Center for Exchange hosting, regardless who you all comes down to reliability, security, and autonomy. Many Exchange hosting companies will offer low prices, but look closely at the core clientel they serve - mostly 1-5 mailbox customers. The Message Center is a true enterprise-class solution that caters to companies with over 1000 employees in the financial niche...where security and reliability are critical. Oh...and it happens to be affordable for everyone else too.

    - Reliability -
    Anyone that considers email mission critical understand that even 30 minutes of downtime could have a huge impact on business. The Message Center prides never havign a global outage...and in fact...only having a temporary outage that affected a small group of users (we still dont talk to Dell after that unfortunate event). Reliability and speed is key in any company.

    - Autonomy -
    Also, note the hidden charges for any changes needed with hosting providors. The Message Center is constantly evolving the Control Panel to allow customers to make account changes free of charge such as:
    create/delete mailboxes, adjust mailbox size, adjust access levels of each user, change passwords, create/delete aliases, forward email, create/delete contacts, create/delete distribution lists, add GoodLink and/or BlackBerry, and much more. Most of those items are additional charges with most hosting companies.

    I just thought I would elborate on the reasoning a bit more on a hosted exchange solution. Dont forget that it is alway nice to be able to have access to GoodLink, ActiveSync, and BlackBerry (BES) anytime on the fly too!

    I hope that helps.
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    I see how options with themessagecenter, 4smartphone and others allow you to use a registered domain for an email address, but what about already existing POP accounts on a registered domain that you want hosted where it is...

    I'm coming from a Blackberry, and their Internet Service provides a push email address. So I would have one of my POP accounts forward to that address, which in turn is pushed to my phone. But here's the nice part--any emails sent from my Blackberry were listed as that POP account address, not the address.

    Is there a solution like this for the w(x)?? For instance, have my POP account forward to a free mail2web account, which gets pushed to my phone, but any replies I send will be listed as the POP address, not mail2web address?

    Thanks for any insight!
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    That is a great point kaiguy. The most common misunderstood part of hosted Exchange is that you should point your MX Records to The Message Center which will direct all email for your domain to the Exchange servers. The WORST THING YOU COULD DO is to forward your email to another email address (i.e. as you mentioned) and then tweak the recipient policies to send new email out as That is called "spoofing". That is not good and could lead to a high amount of your recipients never receiving the email as it is classified as spam and stopped at the gateway. Ironically, this is what most (not TMC) hosting companies do as it is easy. But the new antispam architecture that is being implemented throughout the Internet will only further the pain for those hosting companies that go against Internet standards and harm the unknowing companies that are using their service.

    Long story short (and to answer your question), you can have your email hosted at The Message Center by pointing your MX records at TMC (which is very easy - done in approx 30 seconds) and your website doesnt move or change.

    I hope this helps too!
    The Message Center
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMC1 View Post
    Long story short (and to answer your question), you can have your email hosted at The Message Center by pointing your MX records at TMC (which is very easy - done in approx 30 seconds) and your website doesnt move or change.

    I hope this helps too!
    Thanks for the reply. But wouldn't that mean that TMC would have to host all of my email accounts?
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    FWIW, I use 4smartphone and never have a problem with people receiving my email.
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    I use 4smartphone. I was not aware that Mi8 had one off services... i have used Mi8 in the past with a company's hosted exchange and the service was HORRIBLE compared to 4smartphone. The servers were often slow to respond and they had a lot of scheduled maintenance that resulted in scheduled downtime for users. Usually those maintenances were on weekends- but it was still annoying. At one point they had a major system failure in 2004 that lost my entire company's (and others) email for days. They ended up firing a few people after that fiasco, but it was horrible... it actually caused my company to bring exchange in-house ( but we were acquired soon after anyway)

    With 4smartphone, i've only ever had one outage to speak of and it was fixed within an hour- the server is quick to respond, and i have many machines synchronize to it with no problem- that's my office machine, laptop, phone, pda, and home computer. They also support IMAP(and idle) and pop for other email clients such as my personal favorite- chatter (i miss palm only for that program)
    i have my own domain and i've redirected the MX record and it works very well.
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