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    does anyone know anything about free teathering with the 700wx? on the ppc6700 we were able to get free teathering due to a NAI issue and sprint not being able to tell the difference between regular pda internet usage and teathered internet usage. i would like to here from those who know about this stuff and from those who have tried it. i will post stuff on this subject later.
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    something i found explaining it....

    "Here is what you need to know about EV-DO and tethering (for those of you in Rio Linda, that means to be able to use your phone as a modem). With some exceptions, Sprint considers any handset user who uses 500 MB or more of data tethering (there are some exceptions... PDA users generally are skipped for example). Until now, they have had no way to meter this other than raw data usage. However, EV-DO phones bring new concerns about tethering for the carrier that has been known for letting free tethering go under-the-radar.

    After all, this was the company who even had their PRPRPR $department$ $slip$ $up$ $and$ $admit$ $just$ $about$ $everything$ $above$.

    Sprint will formally allow EV-DO tethering. There may be dialer software return (something seen before the launch of Unlimited Vision), data cables will return even to stores. But, there's a catch, the phone has a meter. All EV-DO phones will carry a built-in sensing ability for a PC modem connection. When you connect with a PC (or Mac, or Bluetooth DUN), the device will change its internal username.

    Here's the unnecessarily technical part...

    Previously, Sprint has followed a practice of having a being the catch-all username for a Vision account. This is known as the NAI, which we have covered previously. There is also which serves as the IOTA username for specific device identification. Got it? Good, if not, search. Tethering will use as a new, third NAI. When the modem event occurs, the device changes the connection username automatically, and then bars access to ##DATA# so that it cannot be changed back (in theory, we haven't tried yet, and we're sure it will be blocked in firmware updates if such a hole is found).

    Back to the non-technical...

    Now, because the device can now identify that the device is tethering, and so can the network, it can prompt you to change plans (similar to adding Picture Mail to your account when attempting to send a picture). The good news is, the plans are not evil, they actually are pretty fair. It's call the Fair & Flexible for Data plan, and it basically is Power Vision at $25/month with 40 MB of data, plus a $.001/KB charge that caps out at $70. You go over $70 worth of usage (70 MB) and you are not charged. This is $10 less than Sprint and Verizon's aircard-only rates. The good news? Your handset usage will no longer be billed against your bucket for tethering.

    So, EV-DO will change everything... almost. The PPC-6700 is the current sole exception, it still falls under old rules when it comes to tethering. This is because Sprint did not want to lose the PPC-6700 or invest added R&D time to add the system outlined above. Because of this, it will continue to tether with a standard (Power) Vision Pack. "

    So I guess the next question is -- will 6700 users that exceed some threshold EVDO usage get hassled by Sprint, even though Sprint won't know whether the data was used while tethering or not?
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    these were the insturctions for the ppc6700. almost everything is the same. you should be able to tell the differences....

    Step 1 : preperation. boot your pc normally, but leave your ppc 6700 unconnected to the computer. plug your usb cable into the pc, and leave the miniUSB end unplugged from the ppc 6700.

    Step 2 : get the phone to act as a modem. Goto start/programs and 'click' wireless modem. There will be a box that says "Connection Type". Select "USB" if it inst selected by default. At the bottom of the screen is a button called "Start". Push "Start." Your phone is now a modem. Now plug the miniUSB cable into the phone so that the pc and ppc 6700 are connected.

    Step 3 : install software. the computer should now see a usb modem and will try to find drivers for it. The drivers are on your original installation/driver cd. By putting your cd into the cdrom it will run the autorun software. this is a mere annoyance, close out all menus generated by this action. We are only concerned with installing the drivers, so we continue. Windows will look for drivers, and you will tell it to look for the drivers on the cdrom. Windows should find the drivers almost immeadiately and install them. Follow the directions from windows, I cant remember if it has you restart the computer or not, but once the drivers are installed we can now proceed to step 4. Remember that if you do restart to dissconnect the usb cable before doing so. Once the pc has rebooted, reconnect the ppc 6700 and continue to step 4.

    Step 4 : make a connection. goto the control panel and click on "network and internet connections" in category view or "internet options" in classic view xp or in any other flavor of windows. We want to "setup or change your internet connection." "setup" a new internet connection, and the wizard will open. Choose "connect to the internet" and hit next, and set up a connection manually. We will be using a dial up modem, hit next. Choose a name, prefereably something that you would associate with a wireless modem. The phone number will be #777, enter it in and hit next. The name and password we will leave blank, hit next. This will probably not be your primary internet connection, so uncheck "make this the default internet connection." It would be a good idea to leave the other one checked. Hit next. you may want to make a shortcut to the desktop. clicking on finish should close the wizard.

    Step 5 : dialup your modem. double click your new connection to bring up the "connect <whatever you called it>" menu. The input fields for name and password should be blank, the number to dial should be set to #777. The properties button gives you the option to pick the modem you want to use, put the check mark on the "CDMA USB modem" and hit ok. Hit dial. You should be online shortly.

    You can now "tether" at will, but you will no longer need to use step 3 or 4. Remeber that your computer thinks that a CDMA modem and a pocket pc are 2 very different things. If your computer sees your pocket pc, it will need to disconnect for a while (like 20 seconds) before reappearing as a cdma modem. This is why it was important to have the ppc unplugged for the first few steps.

    For Verizon the same steps will work, but you will have to fill in the username and password lines. Your username will be and the password will be vzw. There is no reasonable data plan for verizon currently, any you will either have to buy into the ridiculous verizon data plan or pay by the MB to use thier data. My advice is either look into sprint, or looking into wifi for your data
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    I use PDA Net, have been since I had a 650, 6700 and now the 700WX. As long as you are not doing too much streaming or torrenting you should be fine. If you use it too excess don't be suprised if you get a letter from Sprint.
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    Verizon offers unlimited data for $45 for the Treo plus $15 extra for tethering a month. For EVDO speeds plus the large coverage area they have that seems reasonable to me. Sprint may be $15 for the Treo but with tethering its either $40 or $50 per month. Not that much different.
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