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    I just ordered the 700wx and it should arrive in the next couple of days. I suspect however that I may be disappointed and those that have them an have had other models can tell me I'm wrong or right... Here's what my "dream phone" includes:

    Threaded messaging
    Easy send receive picture mail to other phones
    one hand operation
    sd card slot
    windows platform

    I change phones about every 6 months to try to stay current. In the last two years I've gone from Treo650 to Treo 700p then to Blackberry 7130 to PPC 6700. I currently own the Blackberry and the Treo 700p. I love it, but it's not windows. I love the windows system on the new 700wx, but I fear from reading this board that I will lose the easy sending and receving of picture mail through the sprint MMS and threaded "chat board" looking messages for text... And frankly it's been a whle since I've poked around on the PPC-6700 still collecting dust in a drawyer somewhere, but I'm not sure what I can for the wx that the p doesn't provide me?

    The IE browser on the smart phone can't do much more than the browser thats included with Palm. The versamail has never given me any trouble, and unless the Outlook on the wx is push, I'm not seeing much of an advantage.

    Having said all that, I ordered my wx on a 60 day demo, so if I don't like it, I'll return it, but I thought maybe you guys and gals could shed some light on my quandry.

    Thanks... this is a great board!
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    Wow, a 60 day trial. How did you swing that?

    I will jump to the 750 when it comes out - unlocked for T-Mobile. I am sure I will second guess myself. I am also sure that I will buy another phone.

    Phones aren't forever. The 700wx will have some shortcoming. You'll trade it in for something new soon enough.

    That's who we are on TC. Fickle. On a quest for the One Phone to Rule Them All. Etc.

    Have fun with the 700wx.
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    You are absolutely right about phones being temporary tools but that doesn't stop me from hoping for the "Holy Grail" of phones to come down!

    As far as the trial, you buy as many phones as I do from your business rep and they will do "special things" for you. I get everything on a 60 day trial, and Have 7 active lines on my business account and the rep knows there's an 80% or better chance I'll keep the new stuff. She also then takes my "nearly new" stuff and sells it to other customers of hers for a reduced off new price, but enough to make upgrading worth my while. It works out pretty well for both of us!

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