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    Anyone know if Transcend 4GB 150X ultra speed works in 700wx?

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    I heard it does

    I just bought A-DATA.. Waiting for it to aarive.

    It is pink though.
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    My a-data 4GB works perfectly out of the box.
    Daniel Levin
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    Transcend cards are well-known to work on fat32-modified Treo 650s, for what that's worth. Even considering the WM port, chances are good the compatibilities is similar.
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    works great ooutta da box

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    Anyone have any information on this sucker?
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    Haha... found an even better deal and people are reporting the A-Data works like a charm. Pink It'll match my girlfriend.
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    I've used the A-Data 4GB sd card for over 6 months now without a single problem.

    If you order one today you can get one from zipzoomfly for $54.99 after a $15 rebate. Free shipping too.

    I'm not associated with A-Data or zipzoomfly.
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    Ridata (or Ritek) 4gb sd card from newegg works on 700wx
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    FYI...the PQI 4GB from also works with the 700wx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch75 View Post
    Ridata (or Ritek) 4gb sd card from newegg works on 700wx
    I can vouch for that as well. And at $60 shipped.....Newegg ROCKS
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    I'm planning on ordering a 4gb SD for my Treo wx tonight.
    You mean this Ridata?
    RiDATA PRO 4GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media Model SDCR4G-SILV - Retail

    Just want to triple check. If so it looks like I missed the deal, its now $75 shipped

    By the review it looks like it didn't work on the Treo 650.

    Are there any others?

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    The Transcend 4GB 150X ultra speed works fine on my 700W.

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    Has anyone gotten the A-Data 4GB sd card to work on a 700W? My treo won't read it and Palm says the 700w won't read >2gb.
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    Does anyone know if an 8GB SD card works on a Treo 700W?

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    Hay everyone! Has anyone tried the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB?

    Ive been using their regular Ultra II 2gig card for about 6 months now in my 700w with out event. Id like the idea of taking this card between school, work, & home with out having to worry about having an SD card reader with me @ all times!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbhausen View Post
    Anyone know if Transcend 4GB 150X ultra speed works in 700wx?

    Hey, sorry if this is late, but I'm just now seeing this thread. I bought one from Fry's for around $60 I think with a rebate (which I still haven't mailed in). It works perfectly! It's like having an IPod mini inside my Treo!
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    OCZ 4GB 150X from Fry's far so good...
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    Topram 4GB 150x, works great, how can I benchmark this?
    Treo 700wx, Topram 4GB 150x

    Anyone want a Treo 700p for $430 ?
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    Does anyone have any ideas why the Adata 4gb 150x works on the 700xw but not the 700x? Or do I have a bad card?
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