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    When I called my treo using my home phone, my home phone rung 2 to 4 times before for my Treo rung once. Is there a way to fix this?

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    Technically yes: It has to do with the Slot Cycle Index (SLI) and if you search around you can find more info on it.

    What we need on the 700wx is a progamming code to access the menu. As soon as we get that, we should be able to modify it for the better. Shouldn't be too long.

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    Yes, I've seen that also this morning. When testing connected to my car's bluetooth it took so long to ring that 4 out of 6 tries it went to voicemail instead of ringing the phone even though it was a getting a full signal. Not very good for something that is supposed to be a phone.
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    I've tested this a few times, and all of those times my phone rang right before the second "ring" on the landline. I will test again later with a headset connected, but thats pretty fast for a wm phone. I also find that the delay between the phone receiving the call, and the ringtone playing, is very minimal. Much more responsive than my old 700w

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