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    on the 6700 we had a program that allowed you to make calls by pressing the button on the bluetooth headset. this program was called voice dialer and originally didn't come with the phone out of the box. it was on the mda, wizard, and other wm5.0 phones. someone took an extracted the cab file from one of those phones and releasted it for all of us to have. it was later included in the new rom that was releasted soon after.

    I still have the old cab file that allowed us the voice dialer program. I loaded it on my 700wx and it installed just fine. the problem is when I go to run the program, to assign voice tags to the contacts, it just sets there. it didn't freeze or crash the phone, which can be a good sign. I think it just needs a little tweeking. I feel it's somewhere in the registery, that's where I see the bigest differences between wm5.0 devices.

    I will attach the program so others can try it out.

    I can't belive I'm the first one to bring this up. am I the only one who finds the an awesome program?

    thanks, cody
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    Thanks Cody, my 700wx can't get here fast enough.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I just switched from a PPC6700 and couldn't agree more about missing the great program the device used for voice dialing over BT. I just tried loading your .cab to my 700wx and it wouldn't load. I would definitely pay if someone could come up with a program/hack to accomp[lish voice dialing over BT on 700wx!

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    good luck. Many have tried this on the 700w and all have failed.
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    that's my biggest problem with all the angry verzion 700w people. thay have no idea of how much the extra new wx users can contribute to this device. you've just add a lot of great minds to the cause. I would care to bet it will be done in the next two months.
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    I'm a 700w person with a new wx in the mail and would love to see BT voice dialing and A2DP work on the wx. I will be trying this along with you, but we've beaten this horse to death time and again without success so that's why I made the comment I did. I do wish us all good luck to figure this out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    that's my biggest problem with all the angry verzion 700w people. thay have no idea of how much the extra new wx users can contribute to this device. you've just add a lot of great minds to the cause. I would care to bet it will be done in the next two months.
    Well said! I am a former owner of the Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 650 and PPC-6700. I recently switched back to Treoland to give the 700wx a try. I initially was bumbed to switch to the PPC-6700 as I no longer had Treocentral discussion boards at my disposal. WHat I quickly learned, however, was that PPC die hards are amazing when it comes to hacking and coming up with solutions to OEM quirks. I spent a great deal of time on various PPC discussion boards and was amazed with how much better of a device the PPC-6700 was due to user hacks, etc.

    I am hoping that Treocentral boards will now benefit from some of these folks joining the ranks!

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    I'm also returnig to treoland after being turned off by a bad treo 650 unit that was nothing but headaches several years ago. I remember reading the forums at treocentral and there was a lot of frustration over this very issue. Some very, very, long threads were going where they were desperately trying to hack a solution to get BT voice commands working, ultimately without success. I thought for sure that after a few years had gone by that this problem would be corrected by Palm. LOL!! It seems so funny that they still keep missing the target but I do give them credit for the constant improvements they make. Still it's like watching ice melt it's so agonizingly slow. My question is: Is there no way for us to make ourselves heard with one voice to Palm/Microsoft that this is a feature we want upgraded, changed, whatever? Why do the users have to come up with a hack for what should be a basic function? How is that we spend hundreds of dollars on a smart phone that can't do BT voice commands/dialing that far less expensive phones and other smartphones can do? Can we start an email or phone campaign to complain and request this feature? Anybody know who we would contact to get this going. I'd love to see a 3rd party application and would gladly pay for one but it just never seems to happen. Sorry for the rant but this would be a great feature for the Treo family to have in it's list of features. I cannot understand why it's not there.
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    Yeah, it is pretty rediculous that something so basic as voice dialing isn't implemented by now. I've read that the excuse is that Microsoft Voice Command requires 16khz sampling and the common bt headset only does 8khz. However other PDA's seem to be able to do it and even the Treo can do it wih the assistance of a Jabra A210 dongle. So it is definitely possible. Why Palm consistently drops the ball with this feature is beyond me.


    The fact that none of the common hacks work on the Treo leads me to believe that the hardware is either different (non-standard) or is simply incapable.

    I have requested this feature from 3rd party developers such as Softick and JETware, but it seems without Palms assistance it's just not gonna happen. If someone starts a petition I'd be glad to sign it. I'd even donate money if someone wants to open a bounty for the feature to get more developers interested.
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    well the same "microsoft voice command" was used with the 6700 as an add on to the preinstalled voice dialer. the voice dialer used voice tags, which would be fine.

    as far as the 16khz sampling thing i don't know much about. all i can say is it wasn't a problem for the 6700.

    now on a positive note. all the great hacks come from this is a group of highly skilled gms users. with the introduction of the 750v and it being gsm, i'm sure will see voice dialing happing, as well as threaded text messaging, and others. these guys don't get cdma so thay dont care about hacking a phone that thay dont use. now that the 750v is there we can only hope.

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