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    Smartskey is a simple app that allows 6700 users (and other devices) use the volume slider to scroll up/down in PIE (as well as other enhancements).

    Is Smartskey necessary on the 700wx? Can you scroll PIE using the volume rocker?

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    due to the easy of use the treo has I wouldn't think the d pad fuctins would be necessary. I was thinking about it for the close button.

    bottom line.... I tried to install it and it didn't work. I think some of the registry setting are different on this device where it won't work. I don't miss it though.
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    Close button? Smartskey has that capability?

    So you are saying you can scroll by page and not walk link by link with the volume rocker on the side of the Treo? (I'm not referring to the Dpad)
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    The rocker brings up volume controls when PIE is running
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    What about the phone app? On my 6700, I have smartskey set so that if I hit the dpad up it shows me my speed dial and down shows me my recent call list. Is this already built into the wx (like it used to be on WM2003) or is it still missing? Makes a huge difference for one-handed use.
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    yes smartkeys also did a real close. just hold down the right softkey. the 6700 diffently needed an app like smartkeys, which made it A LOT easier to you one handed. the treo has never had a problem with one handed.
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    I was a big fan, user, early adopter of smartskey on the 6700.

    Have to say, never felt I needed it on the 700wx.

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