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    For anyone who has the 700wx... how does it look in the sun? I will be using the PDA in the sun and outside a lot and need to know that i'll be able to see it. (I have heard nightmare stories of the 6700) I also have heard the original VZ 700w outside wasn't that great... has it been improved?

    Im a current non-pda (in the market for one) VZ customer but am thinking of switching over to Sprint for the 700wx.

    Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying the new wx!
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    The phone works fine in direct sun. Much better than my 6700 or 650.

    You might need to turn up the screen brightness a bit if you are always outside but overall this is the best outside performer I've owned.
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    i had the 6700 and i work outdoors. this for me was very important. i am well pleased with the display outside. i didn't have the 700w so i cant compair it to that but to the 6700 it like night and day.

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