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    I recently upgraded my firmware and switched from using wireless sync to activesync to sync my e-mail, contacts and calendar with my exchange server. Everything is working fine except when I view and delete e-mails on my treo, it doesn't show the e-mails as being read, or deleted on our exchange server. Have any of you experience this, or know of a solution? This was never a problem using wireless synch, and other employees at work (non treo users) use activesync and don't experience this issue.
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    This may not work, but you can give this a try.

    In pocket outlook, go to menu- tools- options. In the STORAGE tab it says "empty deleted items." I set mine to "on connect/disconnect." Like I said however, I don't think it will work
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    I tried that, and it didn't make any difference.
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    i use 4smartphone and have no problems. since it is still activesync, i would think that it may not be an activesync issue but possible an exchange issue.
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    We have 5 people in my office with smartphones. The non-treo phones sync fine with our exchange server, and my treo didn't have any syncing issues using wireless sync. There doesn't seem to be many settings to change, so we're at a loss as to what the problem is. Maybe there is a small glitch in the new firmware upgrade.

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