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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    Have you had your 6700 over 30 days? Retentions wouldn't let me do a trade in for a different model (700p to 700wx) since I've had mine over 30 days.
    My newset 6700 I have had only for only 14 days. I was a bit surpised the retention rep did this for me, as it was for a warentee exchange. But when you get the run-a-round from stores on getting a thrid replacement 6700, Also my rebates keep getting pushed back because of the lack of noting my account on these exchanges. I guess he felt bad enough to do something about it.
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    Having read some posts about going back to retensions to get more goodies I decided to give it a go for text messaging.

    Spoke to a gal and told her when I had made a custom package for my new contract I had forgotten to mention that I would like a credit for text messaging. She asked was my deal because I was thinking of canceling? I said yes and away she went to see what she could offer. No problem! Came up with 500 text messages per month for free or unlimited for $8. I scooped up the 500 and then felt I'd gotten all I could hope for. (though I know some on this forum have done way better)

    My final plan:

    1500 anytime
    7pm nights/weekends
    free roaming
    500 text messages
    equipment protection
    unlimited data

    Total $61/mo.
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    Well no wx for me today! I went to two corp. Sprint Stores, and both gave me more BS even with the note from retentions!!! The first store said they didn't do these types of exchanges, because they couldn't look at the phone (6700). Umm... OK, but they did have a tech area in the back of the store??? The second store, which the first store sent me too. Read the note on the account, and told me that they would have to test the phone. I wait 15 min. when the rep calls me up. He says the phone is defective (NO #@!%), and exchanges don't work like the note says and more then likely the retentions rep didn't understand what I said??? Then this store rep tells me that I have to call Lockline to get my replacement 6700 not wx!!! At this point I just walked out of the store, as I was soooo mad! It is sad when you understand a company's policies better then some employees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaijiaN View Post

    The rep came back, with $400. "That's the lowest I can give you."

    I asked her what the early termination fee was ($200), then I pointed out I could cancel my Sprint service, pay the ETF, get the Verizon phone, and still come out ahead by $20.

    Then she offered me another $50 off.

    $350, bingo! That was my price point. I told her I'd go ahead and do that, and by the way, could I sign up for a SERO plan?
    UPDATE: I got my 700wx yesterday!

    I went to a sprint store and picked it up. I got it for $650-$150 upgrade, $500. Then I have another $150 account credit.

    Today, I called up retentions to confirm the account credit, and I also switched over the SERO plan. The rep also gave me another $50 credit. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk the rep into giving me free unlimited SMS, so I ended up going with the 300 for $5 option. But given the how easy the 700wx makes text messaging, I'll probably have to upgrade to the 1000 for $8.
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    Another success story from Sprint. I have been experiencing some major problems with my 650 and have made a few phone calls. I told them that I called several times, went to the store a couple of times (all true) and that I don't know what else to do. The put me through to the insurance department and offered to send me a refirbed 650. I told the person that I was not happy with that and I dont think it was going to work since I just received a new phone approx. 1 month ago. She put me on with someone who may be able to better assist me. They too told me there wasnt much they could do and asked me what I had in mind. Without hesitation I told them that the 700w was something that caught my eye. Put me on hold for 3 minutes, offered me a 6700 or a 700w. I played the game a little bit and they are now sending me a new 700w. The only draw is that I have to wait 7-10 days. Does anyone know how to shorten this up? I don't know how much longer I can deal with my phone acting up.

    I also asked if my current service is sufficient in using the 700w. I was advised by the rep at insurance that it should be. I called sprint back after my phone call and was told that I would have to up my plan. I told her, I was very satisfied with my plan now and really didnt want to change it. Unfortunatly, there is nothing I can do until I receive my phone. Any tactics to use to keep my monthly payments where they are while getting the better internet package?

    I think the route to go is build a case by calling Sprint and letting them know you continue to have problems. I didnt have to pull the Verizon card at all and they offered me a new 700w for free. Hopefully the rest will pan out well.
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