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    I updated my phone data yesterday, but now it says EU above next to the bars for service...Can someone please tell me what that is? I can't find my book anywhere!!! Please help...
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    does it say EU or EV? EV I assume would stand for EVDO area, meaning you are in an area that is capable of EVDO (faster than standard 1xrtt) internet connection.
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    yep. now on my 6700 that had windows mobile the icon would change to 1x when I wasn't in an evdo area. either this phone gets better evdo signal or the 1x icon is a bug. I should be in 1x at home but it saus ev.

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    Europen Union. But wants that have to do with a Tréo?
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    EV definitely means it thinks it has EVDO service. Could be better reception.
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    well thanks...Verizon has where you update your capabilites every month by *228 and since i've done that it changed to the ev....Thank you so much....

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