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    This was in the user guide.. a way to get content and download MOBI TV...

    I know there are other ways but I cant find this at all.. Nothing called My Content.. There is Download AGent but that has nothing in it and doesnt seem to do anything.

    Anyone got this type of content download to work.

    Right from the manual:

    To purchase and download MobiTV on your phone:
    1. Select Menu > Downloads (or My Content) >
    Applications > Get New. (The browser will launch
    and display the Applications menu.)
    2. Select Multimedia (or TV & Radio).
    3. Select MobiTV-LiveTV.
    4. To purchase a MobiTV subscription, select Buy.
    (MobiTV will download automatically. When the
    New Download screen is displayed, the application
    has been successfully downloaded to your phone.)

    Where is this DOWNLOADS or My CONTENT or a way to download content?

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    I hear you, just doesn't make senne let us know if you figure it out

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