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    what is the best sd wifi card for the 700wx?
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    Are there any out there yet that have memory also, that work with the 700wx?
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    The palm wifi card works well with the 700wx, just plug it in and it works within a few seconds.
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    What about the one in the treocentral store here? Cheaper, smaller, lighter, faster, supposedly. Does it work?
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    I just ordered it.. But I may return it because it looks real complicated and I need simple...

    BUT it seems the Treostore other one does handle 11g networks and the Palm one only slower .11b nets.

    Anyone have one or the other and can share info?
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    FYI, the Socketcom SD wifi card does not work using WPA, despite what the product description says on TreoCentral. If you need more than basic encryption, this will not work. I learned it the hard way (i.e., buying the device, playing with it for hours, complaining to Socketcom, finally getting a response from their customer service saying it is a known problem that they are "working on" with no estimated date for resolution).

    In fairness, without encryption turned on the card worked fine and the bundled software is nice.
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    I just got the palm one at compusa for $45.00 after tax.
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    Special sale, open box? Why so cheap. What location? Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by codyppc View Post
    I just got the palm one at compusa for $45.00 after tax.
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    that is very cheap going straight to compusa
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    Got the same deal here in the DFW area. Went to a compusa in Arlington which had 1 Palm Wifi card left. Their computer had it on clearance at $59.99 but it rang up at $45 at the register. I also got a Nokia HS-26W BT headset for $22 on special just by accident. Thought it was on sale for $39, then it was $29 and then $22 at checkout. Some great hidden deals at Compusa!!!

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