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    Sorry if this has been posted before I didn't find it. From Shadowmites site he posts: So, after thinking a good bit about it I've decided it's quite possible palm might not have actually increased the memory in this device at all. Maybe instead they simply rebalanced the available portions of memory so the system now uses some flash memory as if it were ram? While this is the poor way to have upgraded the device, it would have the same effect, other than possibly causing other issues which will come out in the days and weeks after release. Unforunately the only way to know for certain will be to open one up and check out the part numbers of the memory chips...

    That said, if I'm right, this would really be bad for Palm as the 700w would then be software upgradeable to a 700wx! Am I right about this possibility? I wouldn't put it past palm to take the cheap way out if it was deemed possible.

    Now could he be actually right? Or is this just an incorrect assumption?
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    I think he's incorrect. If it was so simple, I think Palm would already have done so. I think the 700wx physically has more RAM than the 700w.
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    Taking memory for RAM from somewhere else would = less memory in that other area. User usable memory is that same, and I hardly doubt that the WM5 OS system files were reduced by over 40mb
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    WM5 can not do virtual memory (as that post suggests).

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    Well I thought it might be something seeing as shawomite wrote it and he knows his stuff.

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