I'm thinking about adding a 3rd line to my Sprint account with the 700wx. I currently have a 700p, but I'm interested in the 700wx for it's better multi-tasking capability.

I have several questions regarding applications and software:

1) I'm interested in TomTom 6 GPS. With the 700p, it is my understanding that the GPS app shuts down when I get an incoming call. Will it do the same with 700w/wx? In a side note, can I have multiple bluetooth devices connected? Meaning having the BT GPS device along with a BT headset?

2) Also, what 3rd party app will allow me to have threaded SMS?

3) Any app equivalent to Directory Assistant on the 700p?

4) Any app equivalent to Card Reader/Card Export II? This allows the 700p act as an SD card reader through the PC.

5) Any app similar to PDANet? I use USB Modem on the 700p instead of PDANet because it does not force me to have the PDANet client on the PC in use. This isn't a biggie, but preferred.

6) I use Good on my 700p. Can anyone share their experience using Good on their 700w/wx?

One last question. Is there any website to purchase/download WM5 apps specifically for the 700w/wx that is optimized for the 240x240 resolution?

Thanks in advance,