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    Is there anything for wm5 that is like sharkmsg like on Palm OS? Thank you
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    I used SharkMsg religiously on my Palm OS devices, and I've found that the built in 'Ignore With Text Msg' function on the 700w works almost as well. THe only thing I miss is how Shark would paste in the first name of the person. With the 700w, if you create a few canned responses, you can get pretty much close to how SharkMsg works. Those are called 'MyText'.

    So - I pre-define about five of those MyText canned responses, like ' - I'm in a meeting', or ' - I'm on the phone and will call you back in a bit'. So the scenario would go like this:

    Incoming call from John Smith.
    I hit Menu/Ignore with Text Message.
    When the SMS create screen pops up, I scroll down to the text portion of the screen, and type in something like 'John (space)' and then I hit Menu/M (which is the short command for 'MyText') and I then select one of the canned responses, like '- I'm on the phone', or whatever.

    Sounds a little complex but it's really simple in reality and works almost as well as SharkMsg....
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    Oh alright thank yo?u. Didn't the know the 700w had that options seeing as mines is on order. Just one question does it have an auto away option like sharmsg
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    Could someone explain how I can get the away message option to work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodycape77 View Post
    Could someone explain how I can get the away message option to work?
    It's only during an incoming call, there is an option with the Right softkey to "ignore" or "ignore with Text message".

    Bruce, the developer of PhoneAlarm, just announced in his forum that he is making a seperate program to "...handle filtering and auto-responding to calls and SMS".

    Should be cool.

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