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    I wanted to start a new thread for those attempting to actually use Direct Push in a live/production enviornment, but not necessarily from a server-side use.

    I really like my MDA, despite some flaws, and really want to use the Direct Push capability. Fortunately for me, my company supports RIM/Blackberry, GoodLink, and Exchange ActiveSync Direct Push. However, after trying Direct Push for about 2 weeks, I've had to go back to GoodLink. Although GoodLink is a memory hog, as we all know, you can't deny how reliable it is. My only complaints about GoodLink are the lack of attachments and the memory usage. It would also be great if GoodLink could sync email sent from the desktop back to the device like EAS Direct Push does.

    So here's my question to everyone, has anyone found the EAS Direct Push reliable? I found that it would work great for awhile and then would go into periods where the device would just not sync up with the server even after doing a manual send/receive. I'd resart the device, and restart ActiveSync and eventually, it might start syncing up again. In the business I'm in, I need to know that my email is coming through as soon as possible. I get about 40 new emails every 2.5 hours and so I can usually tell when the device has stopped syncing up. Also, there are times, when I get into "rapid fire email exchanges" with co-workers on hot issues that have to be addressed at the moment and I can't take the chance that the device is just not pushing the email accross. My other general complaint about the Pocket Outlook is that when you look at a calendar item, you can't tell if someone has actually accepted a meeting request like you can on GoodLink.

    Any suggestions? Again, as much as I like GoodLink, I'd like to use the native email application on the phone as it's less memory and there are other applications that take advantage of Pocket Outlook.

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    Good Miobile Messaging does sync mail sent from the desktop to the device. Your GMM admin has to enable it.
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    I use EAS direct push on my Cingular 8125. Honestly, I haven't had any problems. In fact I usually get the email on my handheld before the laptop. The poor reliability maybe server-side. I use for my exchange server and haven't had any issues.
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    You can oscillate between GoodLink and ActiveSync with service from The Message Center which may help you determine which performs better for you. Just a thought.
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