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    I was looking around for some different browsers and noticed PIE Plus is now available for WM5. I went and got the trial from Handago and was really impressed. I had been using Operah and Thunderhawk but now with PIE Plus I pretty much have the best of both worlds.

    Some Java menus on a site or two still do not work correctly but how I've gotten around that. I'll sign in using one link and copy the link from my pc to the page that doesn't work correctly and it works perfectly. It would be nice to be able to use the menu but the only site I have issues with is my local bank so its not that big a deal.

    Regardless PIE plus gave me a pretty big rendering speed increase, tabbed browsing and a bunch of visual / minor options that are pretty cool.

    I don't work for them nor am I affiliated with them I'm posting this because the old version was not compatible with WM5 and I never saw anyone post that it was now compatible.

    It also plays nice with SPB Plus.
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    this was out in may. i had it on my 6700 and though it was great. i just used the trial version and was considering buying it. i started seeing a large thread growing fast with lots of people complaining of problems due to this app. to find out more check out this thread
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    I've been playing with it all day here are my thoughts:

    1. It increases rendering speed in all modes significantly. That alone is worth the purchse

    2. Tabs work very well

    3. Screen can be customized with the different UI options to take up very little real-estate.

    4. The program is stable

    I downloaded the newest 2.0 version from Handago and I had only 1 minor issue which was very easy to rectify. All I did was change the viewing mode of PIE Plus to not use the pocket version and instead just the default version. This prevented a crash I was experiencing when I would go to a particularly large site.

    Regardless the rendering is much better in that mode so its a moot issue.

    Otherwise its a very nice program worthy of download as they have a 14 day trial version.
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    I had a Dell Axim with WM5 awhile back. I ran MINIMO on that as an alternative to PIE. I was impressed. It ran pretty well compared to PIE. It's free and has tabs just like Firefox. So if you like that browser you should be into this one too. Just a suggestion.

    Edit: It's come up quite a few revisions since I ran it. Can't wait to get my 700wx so I can run it too.

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