First of I will say my phone has worked great since day one with the exception of the regular memory issues. Also, Sprite runs every night and really helps clear things up. Heres my problem..

I use my phone alarm everyday to wake up in the morning. The other night it was set as normal and went off like it should. When I picked up the phone the alarm was hung up and the phone kept vibrating like crazy. I tried to "Dismiss" the alarm like usual but the notification that normally pops up wasn't showing. I tried setting another alarm for a few minutes later to see if it would override the first but nothing. I tried a soft reset, nothing. Then the phone locked up so I removed the battery, nothing. Still going off radomly. So yesterday I did a hard reset and restored everything. My alarm does not work at all now and the indicator light is still flashing as if I have a notification. There is no prompt or screen that pops up it just keeps going off. Obviously at this point I have disabled any sound or vibrating notification and the LED is just blinking steady.

Guess I'll call Verizon and see what's up. I'm just concerned that they will send me a junk used refurb phone from everything that I've read on here