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    Looks like there's a full review up for the Treo 700wx posted up over at Mobile Tech Review. Here's how they summed it up:

    " Palm and Sprint have a better solution— equip the
    Treo 700w with twice the memory, bringing it up to the standard Windows
    Mobile Pocket PC 64 megs of RAM. And thus we have the Treo 700wx on
    Sprint. The 700wx is otherwise nearly identical to the Treo 700w reviewed here. In fact, you’ll notice some shared editorial copy because there are only so many ways to say it has a 240 x 240 pixel display . Other than the much needed memory boost, the Treo 700wx differs in the following ways:

    1) More memory (we just wanted to say that again, it’s really important)
    2) Bluetooth DUN (dial up networking)
    3) Microsoft’s AKU2 Microsoft Security and Messaging Feature Pack
    (MSFP) which means Direct Push email when used with Exchange 2003 mail
    servers and bug fixes
    4) Good Mobile Messaging bundled with the device (though you must pay for the service if you wish to use it)"

    I really don't see why Palm didn't come out with the 700wx in the first place.

    The above information was from the link here
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    The original review is here:

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    In the beginning of the mobiletechreview article it says bluetooth dun. Has anyone actually done this? I've been racking my brains out trying to get this to work. As far as I can tell it only does dun via USB. This right now is a show stopper for me for using it with a Mac.
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