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    Can anyone tell me from this picture

    Which input is the RF port? Is it the input right below the antenna or the other input an inch lower?

    The thing is, im thinking of buying the Arkon CM920 car mount and if it's the lowest input im afraid the Akron is going to block the input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    I use Verichat. Works fine for me...basically.

    One weird quirk I noticed: on my 6700 I could minimize the program and bring it back up though a task manager. Now, it goes into the background and behaves more a like a Palm app: you have to relaunch it (though not really, part of it is in main memory) and let it reconnect. But the SMS part seems to work.
    Which phone do you prefer? the 6700 or the 700WX?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis View Post
    Which phone do you prefer? the 6700 or the 700WX?
    I like the 6700 and it was good to me but at this point the 700wx wins out for my needs.

    It's basically perfect.

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    I am about to change my 6700 for the treo700wx. I hope i don't get dissapointed. I like the landscape format for slingbox and the resolution is not bad. The battery does not last long. I wonder if the software for slingbox will be the same that I use for the 6700?
    Multitasking is the same for the treo700wx as is for the 6700?
    Will I be able to get calls while using the internet?
    Skype works ok with treo700wx?
    what about programs that I have used with my treo650 in the past? will they have the wm5 versions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by athreya View Post
    Can you please test the following for me:

    1. Skype? Hows the voice quality and latency? Does skype work with wifi as well?My concern is that the processor is 312hz and NOT 416.
    2. Can one use the camera with a biz card software like with other WM5 devices? has a neat app for it.
    3. can one MMS and email voice notes and how... for you have written MMS doesnt work on Sprint
    I use skype with 6700 with wi-fi without problems.
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