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    I guess I kinda of broke down and got a 700w of ebay for a very good price. The user said everything is working except bluetooth has some static issues but that could be because of the headset? Anyone have any ideas? The item comes with everything except a charger but I guess I can use my 650 charger. I really would have loved it to have threaded SMS like the 650 and a little more memory like the wx. The memory could be fixed, maybe with an upgrade from ppctechs? But then again my first PDA was the Audiovox Maestro 32mb I used that for a few years.
    The reason I am switching is the fact I got tired of the 650 not being able to multi-task and I like the power WM5 gives.
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    Anyone know of a good software that can send automatic sms when you are busy like Sharkmsg for the Palm os. And a good alarm software?
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    i saw on another forum a link to this software. haven't tried it but check it out and let me know how it goes
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    thank you

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