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    I JUST switched it over to the 700wx, did a speed test, and BAM! The speed for 1MB on dslreports/mspeed was 728 kbit/sec. That's how it's supposed to be! Not my max speed ever on the 700p being 300 kbit/sec.
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    The speed is no different, it is simply a browser limitation in Blazer. For some reason Blazer will not refresh the page even with the test file finishes downloading. Consequently the total time for the download is greatly exaggerated. I was really worried about this when I had my ppc 6700 and 700p side by side -- they both complete the download in the same time... the 700p just hangs without refreshing the page before displaying the results.
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    I can accept your argument with no problem. However, I know for a fact that the browsing experience is faster on my 700wx then on my 700p. I was not happy with EVDO on the 700p; I am very pleased with it now. Blazer probably had something to do with that; who knows.

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