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    Just picked up the 700wx today. Does anyone know what this error message means? "cprog.exe" It appears every several minutes and really makes the phone go screwy on me. I'm not a windows guy (mac user here) so don't know very much about .exe error messages or how to handle them.

    My initial review after 1 hour with the phone...the reception bars are not as strong as the Palm Treo 650. But...I'm still playing and trying to learn at this point.

    Any help would be great with this error message though. Thanks guys!!
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    cprog.exe is the phone application. My guess if you are seeing this as an error there is a problem with the entire phone. You should call support or get another replacement.
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    read how to do a hard reset and see if that fixes it.
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    I am getting the same message on my treo 700wx. I have done 2 hard resets and still get it. When that message comes up I can not use the phone. Has anyone figured out how to fix it besides returning the phone for a new one?
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    I just got that error too.

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