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    I know this phone is new.. and Sprint takes time to set things up, But before I call customer service hell, I was wondring if anyone can confirm or deny these issues.. these are sprint service issues, not phone issues:

    Sprint Website...

    1) There is no picture on the phone on my Account page. (Big deal)

    2) I lost access to all "Ringtones, Call tones and Screensavers" I purchased under my old phone. Has this happened to anyone else?

    3) I can not PURCHASE any Sprint vision items like ringtones and call tones etc. The choices are gone from my portal.. and if I click the ad icon it just bounces to the same page.. it is like they ar eno longer supported.

    4) I am still being charged 25 dollars for Ultimate Vision pack, however nothing on the phone states anything about an ultimate vision anything.... I do not see Sprint TV like I had prior.

    On the phone..

    5) When you go to Sprints website.. the the one in bookmarks for search then choose Sprint Home page, the phone gives an error saying that can not be accessed (this is the place where you buy your ringtones and stuff.. so I am sure it is all tied in together).

    Anyone else having these issues who has the phone.. is it because it is new and not fully in Sprints systems yet??

    or is it just me and the dingbat at the store didn't set my account up right?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    The Treo does not support Sprint Tv or the other Ultimate Power Vision features. You should change you plan to the $15 Power Vision Plan, that just has unlimited internet.

    I would not be surprised if the ringtones and other things dont work because Sprint either couldnt efficiently implement those features in WM5, or the felt is is unecessary since you can easily put you own Ringtones on your phone from your PC.

    I dont see any options for ringtones or screensaver in my account either and I have a 6700
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    I would think that they would want to make money on that stuff.. RIngtones is big business these days... Call Tones (Or Ringback tones) don't have to do with the phone... they are heard by the caller...

    Can anyone else that had a 700p or 650 even verify they are missing these tigns as well.. and have issues trying to get to the manage sprint page from the phone?


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    the 6700 and wx dont have a connection with the vision portal. i found this funny but once you change your device to the wx on your "my account page" you wont even have a content manager.
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    OK... SO this is normal that there is no more content.. no more content page.. the content I bought has just disappeared.... without explanation or a refund.....?

    Also can you confirm that from your phone gives you a 4 number code and no access to a portal?

    I just want to make sure I am not the only one floating around here with no portals and ringtones etc.


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    the portal on my 700p works perfectly, so does sprint tv, picture mail,and like it was mentioned before call tones has nothing to do with the phone. its a service on your actual line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick2203 View Post
    the portal on my 700p works perfectly, so does sprint tv, picture mail,and like it was mentioned before call tones has nothing to do with the phone. its a service on your actual line.
    it works with the 700p not the wx
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    Your programs, photos, etc that you bought from Vision are useless on this phone, therefore when something in Sprints catalog is incompatible with your phone you cannot see them on Sprints site. However, if you were to go back to a phone that supports these purchases, they will be there. I speak from experience with this. The ring tones are pointless, for as you will learn you can chop up an mp3 into a lower bitrate mp3/wma and use it as a ringtone on your phone. PLUS you get any song you want and any part of the song you want. Put 20 ringtones on this phone that you chop yourself and you just saved 60 bucks...

    Photos/wallpaper is the same. Do a google image search,find a picture, click and hold the image, then save to device. Then set it as wallpaper. Takes approx 1 minute and again, thats free too.

    Any games you buy are gone. They can't be used on a wm device anyway, and you will have to buy new games. But most have 7 day trials, etc where you can decide if you like the game before buying.
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    I forgot--

    Change your vision plan to the 15/month plan. All the otgher bells and whistles with the other packs (radio, tv, etc) cannot work with this phone so don't waste your money. There's other ways to do radio and TV (you guessed it, FREE) anyway

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